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Welcome to 24 Hours Bits

24 Hours Bits, the company that deals with the most advanced and highly profitable business – Bitcoin cloud mining. With the emergence of crypto currency a lot of people are involved in this process, but the fierce competition among technology companies, high cost of mining process and the volatility leave only the strongest players in this field. Such as 24hbits. We combine the best technological achievements, the most modern and efficient equipment to occupy a leading position in crypto currency market.

Starting 2016, we are also developing the business concept, which involves the use of private financial capital in our work. For many years the company has cooperated with a few large investors from the United Kingdom and beyond, we want to gradually expand our sphere of influence and offer international investment services.

Today, you can join the ranks of our investors through an automated platform. You just have to register, make a deposit and get all the benefits of the company's financial management.

We work with both private investors and companies, providing high-quality financial management. During the last few years our team was fully engaged in organization of crypto mining processes and its financial support. Our technical experts achieved considerable success in this field and in the year 2016 we decided to enhance our activity by virtue of international investment.


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Started: Apr 10, 2017
Running days: 131
Total Members: 12303
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